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This is our most beautiful nemes has recently been a fan of Erik Norlander. From its heterogeneous married solo album, so many great albums of his eponymous band wool lane (where Norlander plays a role as keyboard player, producer and composer). First scientific rockets Norlander was vaguely known the band for awhile, but not really been impressed in the past. But make sure that this band was a natural step for me, taking into account the discography of Norlander. Listen live from Mariner version (architecture of born brutal rocket scientists albums) another reason to try more of this band raining stars available to solo the Norlander album excellent live set. The history of scientific rockets again in the Decade of 1980 and released their first album (terrestrial) in 1993. This live album was recorded after the second album (this brutal architecture) and follow the generally improved versions of the originally only as a bonus CD Japanese version offers some of the best songs of these first two studio albums-(Stardust), published by brutal architecture. There are also some pieces of the first album only Norlander, threshold, which was released at the same time. Fantastic wool wool appears in two-way voice. They prefer since I understood why rocket piano review forum he wanted in this scientific rockets usually their Norlander albums both lane. One of the reasons has to do heavily influenced Beatles, Moody Blues and Pink Floyd all only taking less with me about the influence of the symphonic prog and symphonic metal / rock of the pop/psychedelic anterior side of the latter, by artists such as the. Another reason is the voice of Mark McCrite and less for my taste (though well, here, joined him, in which singing, sounds). But this live album captured my interest with a strong and powerful occurs. It is a good balance between instrumental and vocal material and most peaceful and energetic moments. It is another version of good ballad Mariner Symphony (do this is the same singing Norlander here?). the melody of the firm Norlander Neurosaur; a medley of prog composed instrumental pieces by terrestrial and brutal architecture; a great version of the fall of Icarus with a solo piano gloss of Keith Emerson as well as in the central area. All this, as well as the presence of Lana lane Bienvenido makes this album a live version better than any of the four studio albums. A good introduction to space science and also a good companion of excellent rain star Norlander,. .